A quick look back on the journey to today.


Start-up launched! It all begins when Tom Rieke, Jim Frenza, and Doug Hesseltine launch Quorum Communications. 1980s recession be damned.


Promising hire Christine Golus joins the firm as graphic designer after working for Quorum advisor Chauncey Korten, one of the original Madison Avenue “mad men.”


New digs We move to inspiring studio space at 110 North Fourth Ave. after Quorum’s principals invest in renovating the building that housed Ann Arbor’s first YMCA.


Hello Jeff Jeff Callender joins us after working in Chicago with influential designer Morton Goldsholl. Clients now include U-M Medical Center, Concordia College, and AATA: The Ride.


Retreat tradition A company retreat at a Chelsea lake house begins a tradition of annual off-site meet-ups to get inspired, look back, and look ahead.


Tech leap  Our first Apple Macintosh is acquired along with Illustrator 88, so Q’s typewriters, stat machines, and paste-up boards begin to gather dust.


New address Global headquarters is now 109 Catherine Street. Our building has been owned by the Kuhn family through many decades and transformations – harness factory, auto garage, restaurants, and more.


Name change Tom Rieke becomes president and primary owner. It’s a fitting time to change our name and brand mark to Q LTD. A fascination with Qs begins.


Digital revolution Peter Morville, a pioneer in information architecture and user experience, first collaborates with Q. Leading the online revolution, we design and develop the first website for Borders Books and Music.


Visit us online Mastering our domain, is acquired and we design and develop the first Q website, hoping this internet thing is more than a fad.


California dreaming Q operatives Todd Szymanski and Robin Myran venture west in our quest for total world domination. They set up an office in Los Angeles. Today, Todd operates in Palm Springs.


Willkommen Wiesbaden Q GmbH and Q LTD discover their parallel universe in an awards annual. A friendship emerges for collaboration, international client support, and “work abroad” opportunities for Q crew members.


Onward, upward The torch of creativity and authenticity – and no BS – is passed on when long-serving Q operatives Christine and Jeff acquire the studio from founder Tom Rieke.  


O Canada The smallest global branding and design firm extends its reach as Jeff represents Q in Toronto. We upgrade to Skype Premium and acquire NEXUS passes.


Legacy, progress, party! Celebrating our 35-year achievement and appreciating the many clients and Q alumni who made it possible. The Q crew continues to drive excellence in design and web development for brands around the world.

Brand History

Digging deep into the archives, here’s a look at how our brand has evolved.

Q Alumni

The people who played a part in our studio’s success. We couldn’t have reached 35 years without you.

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Alissa Ampezzan
Hans Anderson
John Bidwell
Joe Becker
Michelle Blomberg
Mike Bondra
Andrea Cardinal
John Corey
Ramsey Darling
Rhonda DeMason
Angela Diebolt
Jocelyn Edin
Chris Edwards
Ken Fish
Jim Frenza
Diane Gromala
Don Hammond
Scott Hauman
Ann Hatchitt
Chris Hesseltine
Doug Hesseltine
Esther Kim
Richard Kim
Winnie Kim
Dan Klyn
Ann Lepley
Rundi Luff
Mike McGowan
Amy Mayer
Michael McMillan
Derek Mehraban
Cathy Merte
Robin Myran
Karen Parker-Moeller
Liz Nowland-Margolis
Ross Orr
Gail Perez
Doug Price
Doug Reith
Stephanie Rieke
Blaine Roderique
Carolyn Roemheld
Ken Rorick
Allen Samuels
Blue Sanpasiri
Ben Schaaf
Barry Seifert
Marta Strickland
JP Sweeney
Jamie Taylor
Marjorie Thomas
Julie-Lynn Tikekar
Scott Tolinski
Kate Upton
Venita Woolrich
Annie Wolock
Rie Yamaoka


A shout-out to our interns, who always inspire us while on the road to their next adventure.

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Alyssa Ackerman
Mathias-Philippe Badin
Grace Bienek
Rebecca Bischoff
Jujie Cui
Lisa Chen
Christopher Collins
Rachel Friend
Andrew Hainen
Thomas Hill
Alex Jacque
Rob Jurewicz
Insa Keilbach
Marie Kinscher
Sam Kojiro
Kate Kraphol
Yoon Ji Lee
Devin MacDonald
Alexis Miasel
Shannon Molhave
Claire Morville
Tim Montie
Melissa Nurre
Ashley Ortman
Melania Plasko
Andrew Reaume
Friederike Schwab
Alexis Serefine
Kristen Shenk
Dan Shields
Julia Slavsky
Lan Truong
Cathy Zemina